miércoles, septiembre 12, 2007

Same shit again

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This post is dedicated to Maryanna, from Last.FM (I hope this makes you happy enough ¬¬)

American Cup, Group match, México 2 - 0 Brazil

Do you remember this??
Nice, right?

Hey Hey!! Wake Up!! WAKE UP!! Now look at this:


Thats right, in tonights match, Brazil (the 5 times world champion, as Maryanna has specifically apointed) destroyed the Mexican ilusion of repeating the 2 - 0 of the past American Cup.

Basically... they made whatever they wanted on the field, while us (little green dudes running around without order) made one of our worst games in history (¬¬ i hate you, México)

Well... thats it, the logic said that FIFA ranking No. 1 would win over FIFA ranking No. ??? .... i think we are like 12 (still don't know how). Congratulation to the winners, they play well and deserved more than 3 goals T_T

Better luck next time, Hugo :(

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princss dijo...

thats life.!

maryanna dijo...

[Sorry for take too long to answer, but I was out the last week]


Guess what? A very appropriate song was playing in your last.fm widget when I entered here: http://www.last.fm/music/Oasis/_/Stop+Crying+Your+Heart+Out

Kinda ironic, don't you think?

Cid dijo...

Very funny, maryanna, very funny ¬¬

i'll see you in world cup, hope you pray enough in case Brazil and Mexico play in the same group, you'll see!!


AnaVitch dijo...

ah pos hola!! ^^

Si, estoy en el blog de Zero!! O caldito pues =)

AnaVitch dijo...

ah y tuve intenciones de leer el post, pero la neta, no me pasa el fucho a menos que me den pizza...

AnaVitch dijo...

ah pero le voy a los pumas... =D

por razones inexplicables...